UNfinished picture project

hi im back but im working with unfinished picture project and im using what i learned in rectech and  helping them film the meetings we have every wednesday. my hobbies are relaxing, listening to music and playing basketball. when  i try to get to know people better i ask them stuff like what type of music they listen to or what they like to do in their spare time.


week 7

This is the last week of the rectech program and I had a lot of fun because i made new friends and learned new things about filming and editing film which i hope will come in hanndy in the future. I am kinda looking forward to the program ending because now i can relax and enjoy the few days of summer I have left. My favorite part of the program would be editting the film we shot. Im not realy looking forward to going back to school. But any ways this is my last post in the rectech program but i will probably keep posting after this program.


Week 6

This is the second to last week and i have realy enjoyed this program so far. This week i had alredy finished the project they had assined me to do so there isnt realy anythig else to do and im just waiting for them to tell me on what to do next. but for the last couple of days we have benn doing outside activities to build our team work like soccer. But other than that, thats all we’ve been doing so far. But i have been enjoying these last few days of the program and im loking forward to next week our last week at retech and im also looking forword to the serimony that thier having for us to show the work that we have done this summer.

week 5

This week in rectech we have just been editing film but today we went to Pike Place Market and film some of the food and we also filmed a dance class for the elderly and we also interviewed the person that grows and feeds them and that is what has happend so far.

Week four

1. What stands out to me the most about GPS ? That would probably be all the healthy foods there is and how its good for you.

2. What would i like others to know about GPS ? That would be that its a good place to go when you would like to learn more about healthy foods and eating and its a good place to go if you would like the community and children to start and learning about healthy eating.

O’shae week two

Im having fun filming different types of shots and learning film productions and i am looking  forward  on doing  this for the next 6 weeks.

What is healthy eating. I think healthy eating is when you eat atleast one serving a day of meat,vegetables, fruit, and other foods on the food pyramid. I myself probably don’t eat all that types of food a day but i do make sure that i atleast eat a serving of each food on the food pyramid every couple of days or so.